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Visual Website Optimizer Review

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Visualwebsiteoptimizer  Review

Visual Website Optimizer is a user-friendly A/B testing tool which enables Internet marketers to generate various website and landing page options. There is no coding or HTML knowledge required, instead a point-and-click editor is all that is needed. To use this split testing software you only need to copy and paste the code snippet in your site when it’s set to go live. Then you have multivariate testing, the software for which is very flexible and there are more than 100 features provided with Visual Website Optimizer that cover all aspects of conversion rate optimization. Many businesses, large and small, and enterprises and independent marketers are claimed to have used Visual Website Optimizer for their landing page optimization.

The advantage of these kinds of tests is obviously that you can know which version of your website can produce the most conversions – which one keeps the readers coming back and which one has the greatest possibility to convert your readers to customers. The case studies in the Visual Website Optimizer website contain instances of many of these reputed businesses who’ve increased their website sales through improved conversion rates after using its comprehensive testing software.

A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing

visualwebsiteoptimizer- 01Efficient A/B testing is one of Visual Website Optimizer’s strong points. You can create two or more various versions of your site to know which performs the best. Multivariate testing is also offered where you combine many changes in your site, including images and headings, to know which combination brings about the maximum conversions. Heatmaps can enable you to see which of the links, buttons or images are being viewed or clicked by your readers the most and which are not.

Revenue Tracking and Usability Testing

visualwebsiteoptimizer- 02The revenue tracking system enables viewers to track the conversion rate as well as revenue metrics including features such as sales attained per visitor, average value of order, etc. The usability testing feature gives you valuable feedback on your website’s landing pages based on which you can identify usability issues and get ideas on improving your site. The behavioral targeting solutions enable you to show customized content or offers for your visitors which could help increase the conversion rate.

Visual Website Optimizer also features optimization of your website for mobile phones and tablets. Landing pages and other web pages can be optimized within an editor which models the experience of tablets and mobiles. iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone and Android are supported.

Integration With Major Platforms

visualwebsiteoptimizer- 03Visual Website Optimizer does integrate with major analytics, shopping carts and content management systems. This helps make testing and reports quite easy. Plugins are offered for Google Analytics, Clicky, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento.


Insightful Reports Prove Really Useful

visualwebsiteoptimizer- 04The intuitive and in-depth reports about conversion and visitor data, and the real time test performance reports are really helpful. You can quite easily get track of conversion goals, revenue metrics and funnels. You can track earnings per visitor, total revenue and average order of value, visualize performance trends that could occur for a period of time, and check the statistical validity of the results.

While much in Visual Website Optimizer does not require coding or HTML knowledge, web developers are offered CSS, JavaScipt and HTML editing. The others have a user-friendly editor, called WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get, to create the various versions of their website. You can also easily shift from intuitive to advanced modes or vice versa.


visualwebsiteoptimizer- 05Visual Website Optimizer is available in two primary plans costing $49 per month and $129 per month respectively. The former tests 10,000 visitors each month while the latter tests 30,000. There are also larger plans with millions of visitors tested each month. These are for larger businesses, and their price can be fixed after consultation. A free trial plan is also offered for 30 days with 1,000 visitors tested.


visualwebsiteoptimizer- 06Visual Website Optimizer is a great tool in terms of powerful and comprehensive A/B testing, multivariate testing and comprehensive reporting. It helps Internet marketers to try various options, check out their performance, and then come up with the right website design. The fact that you don’t require coding or HTML knowledge is a big bonus. However developers will also have something exciting to tinker with. The detailed case studies shed light on how this tool has helped various businesses and entrepreneurs. Customer support has been reported to be spot on too.

How Visual Website Optimizer Can Help You In Your Online Business


visualwebsiteoptimizer- 07The pricing of Visual Website Optimizer has been viewed to be on the steep side for small enterprises or Internet marketers when contrasted with its rivals, Optimizely and Google Content Experiments.




visualwebsiteoptimizer- 08Optimizely is one of the  major alternatives to Visual Website Optimizer. Google Website Optimizer has been integrated into Google Analytics and is now known as Google Content Experiments. Google’s tool is free, which is a bonus, but it lacks many key features you’ll find in Visual Website Optimizer. Optimizely is much cheaper, though not free. But it isn’t a comprehensive tool.


visualwebsiteoptimizer- 09Visual Website Optimizer is a very useful tool that can help your website and business see better days. It’s very user-friendly, offers powerful A/B and multivariate testing, and comes up with insightful reports on each and every aspect of your website’s performance.

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