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Thesis review

Thesis is a WordPress theme, an HTML, CSS and PHP framework optimized for the search engine and having an innovative but user-friendly options panel. Developed by Chris Pearson, Thesis facilitates professional running of a customized blog. Thesis 2.0, the latest version of the theme, was launched in late 2012 and is a significant improvement over the earlier version.

Comprehensive Capabilities of Thesis 2.0

Thesis WP-001Pearson claims that Thesis 2.0 provides WordPress users with more control of their websites and blogs and that the options panel can easily carry out functions which would normally be possible only through coding. The design possibilities with this theme make it possible for users designing all kinds of blogs to benefit from it. Users have generally echoed these opinions.

Among the features Thesis 2.0 offers include:

  • Flexible code
  • Perfect optimization
  • Accurate typography
  • Dynamic layout
  • Great multimedia possibilities
  • Reliable support
  • Flexibility

Thesis 2.0 is Groundbreaking

Some users believe that Thesis 2.0’s features are revolutionary enough to transform the WordPress landscape. Templates can be visually edited and boxes can be created as well. These make visual editing of CSS templates possible. It comes with a skin editor that can enable implementation of filters, hooks, schemas and author posts. Thesis 2.0 can also help implement complex programming easily. In short, it is great for developers.


Thesis WP-01The skin editor feature is quite intuitive. Users who have been used to the early Thesis version may take some time getting used to this. Among the options available under the “Site” option are Tracking Scripts, Home Page SEO, HTML Head and 404 Page. Your 404 page can be edited quite like any other page.

With Thesis 2.0, landing pages can be easily created. Home pages, tags pages, category pages and other pages such as that can be properly customized. Before the launch of Thesis 2.0 this required much more effort, other software and the services of a developer. But Thesis 2.0 comes with a template editor. The template editor can help users create landing pages on the Thesis back-end without having to tinker with your custom CSS files and functions.

Thesis 2.0 is fully loaded with all the required SEO tools. You wouldn’t need any other SEO plugin.

One of the greatest advantages of Thesis 2.0 is that one can construct multiple templates and that each post can be customized with a particular template. So you can make a series of posts you add on a particular topic distinct from the other posts. A customized template can be saved and you can use that template for those specific posts.

The almost unending customization options are one of the greatest assets of Thesis 2.0. It also makes your blog page load faster. Faster page loading is an important factor to meet Google’s SEO guidelines for higher search engine rankings. Another benefit is that if you’re updating from the earlier Thesis 1.x version, the Openhook plugin, which was quite inconvenient to use, can be uninstalled. Thesis 2.0.1 comes with even more advancements favouring web design.

How Thesis WordPress Theme Can Help You With Your Online Business


Thesis WP-02Among the minor disadvantages are the lack of intuitiveness of the Thesis 2.0 drag and drop feature. The cost can also be perceived to be a disadvantage since Genesis 1.9 is available for around $27 less than the basic Thesis 2.0 version.



Thesis WP-03Thesis 2.0.1 comes at a price of $87 for the basic version which comes with upgrades for 12 months and unlimited support from the forum. Thesis Basic Plus, available for $164, comes with all the above features as well as the Pearsonified and the skins. Thesis Professional, available for $197 also features social media and email signup boxes plus lifetime upgrades.



Thesis WP-04The chief competitor to Thesis 2.0 is the Genesis 1.9 WordPress framework. Genesis 1.9 is available for $59.95. Once you pay you are offered lifetime updates. The child themes are available anywhere from $20 to $40. Genesis Pro Plus package is available for $349.95 along with which you are offered all the Framework+ child themes.

Our Choice:

Thesis WP-05Genesis is a worthy competitor to Thesis and is, in some ways, quite cost-effective too. But Thesis is more user-friendly if you are not a developer or coder and blogging as a side activity. Both are offered with a 30-day money back guarantee.



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