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Site Build It Review

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SiteBuiltIt Review

SBI! is a great tool by SiteSell that can help you build your online business. It provides all the tools essential for starting, developing and growing an online business. It claims it wouldn’t just help you start and pull on with a business, but it would help make it a thriving business.

Note that it isn’t about just helping you start a blog or website, but an Internet business which could include these elements as well as SEO, ecommerce, sales processing, web design, traffic generation, marketing, etc. With SBI! you get assistance in all these aspects. The platform is basically a step-by-step process.

Action Guide Tutorials

SB Graphics -01The Action Guide gets all the needed information into a location through an integrated process that delivers results. This guide comes in video, mobile and written formats. For support there is obviously the SiteSell Support and forums to clear your doubts. SBI! is constantly updated so it will always ensure you are in step with the times. You wouldn’t need to make any extra effort to update yourself.

SBI! Analyze It Module

SB Graphics -02SBI! contains the “Analyze It” module which trains you to write SEO optimized pages. Any HTML editor can be used with SBI!. But SBI! also has its own BlockBuilder 2 editor.


Content 2.0

SB Graphics -03Content 2.0 is one of the most important tools in SBI!. It is a breakthrough feature and works to ensure your content is monetized. It is a powerful content generation platform. With Content 2.0, anyone visiting an SBI! site can create web pages incorporating video, text, images, etc. This helps expand the content base of the site. It will also help attract natural traffic.

Every new page is linked within the site automatically which results in the best search engine performance. Other visitors to the website could comment on the pages newly created. Before you know it your website soon becomes viral through visitor comments at Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc.

Brainstorm It! 3.0

SB Graphics -04Brainstorm It! 3.0 is another of the tools. This is a comprehensive and powerful keyword research tool. It is important to choose the right theme for your site or the right keywords your website must be optimized for. Brainstorm It! would help you figure out what niche you are in and how to develop it. It will help you select the approach that will give you the maximum monetization possibilities in your niche.  It will help you collect the right data, analyze the data with the right kind of tools, and finally help you make the right decision. SBI! is kind of a pioneer in the field of creating sites have theme-based content through keyword research.

Brainstorm It! Versions

SB Graphics -06Brainstorm It! 3.3 can help you identify identify site concepts for some highly monetizable niches for your online business. You can select the site concept that suits you well. Brainstorm It! 3.2 enables you to analyze beforehand whether placing AdSense ads on the pages of your sites would bring about a good deal of income.

Brainstorm It! 3.1 brought about concepts such as Site Concept Finder to research three possible site concepts at a particular time. The Custom Tasks feature enabled combining filters and then saving them.

The various Brainstorm It! versions have brought about revolutionary and powerful tools that make it more efficient for you to add and delete new topics. Sequential filtering was introduced as well.


SB Graphics -07Site Build It! with all its useful tools is available for for a monthly payment of US $29.99. But there is a great value annual scheme on offer for $299. It also comes with a 90-day 100% money back guarantee.


SB Graphics -08One major advantage is that SBI! is very comprehensive in helping you set up your online business. For newbies who want to make a brand new start in Internet marketing this is just what the doctor ordered. More importantly, and other than the monetary gains, SBI! gives users indepth knowledge about how online marketing works. Even the technical aspects of the online marketing, PREselling, and concepts involved in converting web visitors to customers are explained. While using SBI!, the new Internet marketer gets to know a lot more and his process is a lot simplified.

How Site Build It! Can Help You In Your Online Business



SB Graphics -09The only major disadvantage with Site Build It! that has been reported by users is that its templates lack the functionality of WordPress themes. But much has been improved in the progressive versions of SBI!. If you are a total newbie, it may take quite some time for you to get going since the SBI! Action Guide is a 10-day program. It is also pricey, and if you want to create more than a single site you will need to buy SBI! for each site.


SB Graphics -10XSitePro is basically a web design software. You can create your sitemap, upload hosting account, analyze SEO pages, add affiliate links and Google AdSense to pages, etc. It may not give an absolute newbie as in-depth an idea about SEO and other comprehensive aspects of online marketing as does Site Build It! but it does have its share of tutorials. It only has a one-time fee and it can create multiple subdomains, add-ons and websites when you purchase a hosting plan.

WordPress offers both paid and free options. However, only buying a domain name will give you sustained income. But it is important to realize that WordPress is only the platform. There are a whole lot of other softwares you may need to install.

What We Say

SB Graphics -11If you’ve just hit upon the idea of becoming an online marketer, if you’re only testing the waters and have no idea what this is all about we suggest you go for Site Build It! But if the price is too much for you to bear, try out XSitePro.

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