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ScreenFlow ReviewScreenFlow 4 is a video capture, editing and screencasting software designed by Telestream for Mac systems. It helps in capturing the video or audio from the computer, editing the audio or video, adding highlights, etc.

ScreenFlow 4 Is Comprehensive

Screen Flow Graphics -01With ScreenFlow 4 you can create videos that look professional. It has the full range of powerful editing tools for audio and video and also many customer support features. You can add text, images, video transitions, audio, etc. For editing you can include closed captioning, nested clips, chroma key, annotations, mouse callouts, audio and video filters, freehand callouts, etc. Video editing is made quite easy for people to focus on telling the story rather than worrying about the technical aspects.

ScreenFlow’s algorithm also allows 2880×1800 resolution full-screen capture with great detail. File sizes are kept low, however, in spite of the increased resolution. Screen recording properties can be adjusted as well. The pointer zoom percentage can be changed between zero and 500 percent. The pointer’s appearance can be changed, and this application can be set up for showing the keystrokes while recording. Zoom and pan are some of the screen actions that can be added.

Editing Options with ScreenFlow

Screen Flow Graphics -02The editing options of ScreenFlow are really extensive. You may need a bit of familiarity with iMovie or other such Mac video editing applications, but the ScreenFlow support will take care of that. Nevertheless, all the tools are quite straightforward. Once you’ve done recording, the editor window then opens up revealing the captured video.

The Timeline at the bottom of the display is where the tools are displayed for the editing to take place. The menu includes screen, audio and video recording, callout action for highlighting video parts, text, annotations, etc. The pro tools in ScreenFlow video editor include playback speed adjustment features such as freeze frames, slow/fast motion, 2D/3D transitions, graphics and text addition, video trimming, etc.

ScreenFlow allows you to add text on top of videos. Annotation properties and colours can then be edited. Text can be applied by adding a text box and typing in it. Text sizes and fonts can be changed. The highlighting option provided by the callout action feature offers richer highlighting options. You can add blur or adjust background opacity. It also enables zooming in on the foreground.

Audio Editing

Screen Flow Graphics -03Audio editing options are comprehensive too. The volume can be added manually and there is the audio ducking feature. This basically refers to a particular audio signal level being lowered for another. For example, when there are two audio tracks that include music and voiceover, audio ducking can ensure the volume of the music is low as the narrator carries out the voiceover in the other track. Audio can be detached from the video clips to smooth the volume levels.

Video Grabber Software

Screen Flow Graphics -04There is the video grabber software that enables removal of background noise. Effects can be added that mimic those of various kinds of settings. Recordings, audio filters and other kinds of media can be added as well. Thanks to the sharing functions provided by ScreenFlow you directly upload the video to YouTube without having to export it.

There are various video formats that can be created with ScreenFlow, and include WMV, MPEG-4, PNG, AIFF, etc. for the screenshots. You are provided the option to publish to Flash. However, please note that ScreenFlow cannot convert to WAV or AVI formats.

Videos can be added or cropped. Their opacity, contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. can be changed and filters added. You can also record straight from a USB camera or an iSight.


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ScreenFlow 4 is offered for $99.



AdvantagesScreen Flow Graphics -06

ScreenFlow is a comprehensive and powerful video capture software for Mac. It’s got quite high range software editing tools for audio and video. Customer support is great too.


How ScreenFlow Can Help You In Your Online Business



Screen Flow Graphics -07There aren’t any major disadvantages for this remarkable software except that files cannot be converted to WAV or AVI formats.



Screen Flow Graphics -08Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac – since Camtasia Studio is also available for the studio version – is the greatest rival of ScreenFlow. It is also similarly priced. However, it’s not reported to have email support. Also, times cannot be scheduled for recording screen captures. The software is also not particularly applicable for capturing 3D games.

The Verdict

Screen Flow Graphics -09There is nothing that makes us dissuade you from getting ScreenFlow. It is comprehensive and powerful though it may be a bit pricey. But the benefits are really great and the cost is only in line with the less comprehensive Camtasia for Mac.


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