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Office Autopilot Review

Price: $297/Month For Pro Version & $597/Month For Team Version


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officeautopilot reviewOfficeAutopilot is a comprehensive marketing and business platform which integrates and automates all the tasks involved in running a marketing website or Internet marketing business. It brings together the various elements such as payment processing, contact management, task management, automated marketing, affiliate management and other tasks and handles them efficiently so that you can can focus on running your business. What OfficeAutopilot does is bring down the burden of handling web infrastructure and technology which can be quite intimidating for non-technical minded people. It has been conceived especially for Internet marketers.

Comprehensiveness of OfficeAutopilot


OfficeAutopilot offers the following solutions that cater to every aspect of making your online business successful:



– Email Marketing

OfficeAutopilot features tools to enable comprehensive tracking, split testing and automation. You are also offered features that can help you precisely observe your visitors and the pages they view.

– Web payment processing

OfficeAutopilot offers order forms with which you can sell your subscriptions, memberships and products. It also provides single click up-sell tools.

– Contact database

This feature can help you save comprehensive data including web visit history, contact history, referrals, purchases, files, etc. all in a single place.

– Marketing automation

This feature ensures automated delivery of tasks, email, direct mail, fulfillment lists, voice broadcast, etc.

– WordPress integration

This useful feature help you set up a WordPress site in just a few seconds with the help of the free single click installation and hosting. You can create a fully integrated membership site in a few minutes. Order forms can be easily added as well.

– Affiliate tracking

This can help you track the people who are driving sales and traffic your way.  Advanced marketers are offered more powerful features as well.

– Landing pages

OfficeAutopilot offers a drag-and-drop landing page creator to create lead capture pages which can be hosted in only a few seconds. All this can be done without HTML. You can split test for improving the response rates.

– Direct mail postcards

This is a kind of function that an email autoresponder would offer. OfficeAutopilot provides automated direct mail which helps you send direct mail personalized postcards.

– Task Management 2.0

This feature has been conceived to ensure proper task completion. There are options for sending the task reminder though email or text message.

– Event management

This tool enables you to follow up with attendees and referrals for running webinars, events, etc.

– If-Then Rule system

This unique system ensures that you can write flexible rules to automate events in your business.

– Customer service and training

OfficeAutopilot provides great customer support through email, phone and live chat. It also provides many training services to help get users up to speed with the service.


OAP-02(1)OfficeAutopilot comes in two versions, the Pro version and the Team version. The Pro version is applicable for two users and 25,000 contacts. It also provides 150 custom fields. The Team version is applicable for 10 users and 100,000 contacts. It provides 200 customer fields. The other features are basically same for both the packages. OfficeAutopilot Pro comes for $297 per month while Team is offered for $597 per month. Once you choose your package you can keep on adding more features for additional costs. Both the packages come with 90-day money back guarantee.


OAP-03(1)Apart from its comprehensiveness the other major advantage with OfficeAutopilot is its  user-friendliness. It has been reported by most users to be quick in many aspects including creating forms and sequences. The tutorial and customer support obviously help in making the user experience better.


How OfficeAutopilot  Can Help You With Your Online Business


OAP-04(1)The major disadvantage with OfficeAutopilot is that it isn’t particularly advanced in the sales side. It does not have many sales features to aid transactions which could be an issue for ecommerce sites. It has less merchant gateway options too. OfficeAutopilot is also quite an expensive tool, particularly when viewed with rival services such as Infusionsoft and Premium Web Cart.


OAP-05(3)Infusionsoft offers great features and has immense potential, all for a lesser price though. However, it has been reported to be less user-friendly than OfficeAutopilot. Premium Web Cart is even more cost-effective though it isn’t as comprehensive as Infusionsoft or OfficeAutopilot.


Our Verdict

OAP-06(1)If price isn’t a significant factor for you, the comprehensiveness and user-friendliness of OfficeAutopilot make it a good choice .



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