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Market Samurai Review

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marketsamurai review

Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai is a comprehensive keyword research cum SEO analysis tool. It can help users achieve top search results for their website for any related search term. Market Samurai also provides the complete analytics and statistics for the target keyword. It is a big money and time saver. Market Samurai helps your website earn more and live up to its potential through better Google search engine performance, which is significant.

Comprehensive Modules With Market Samurai

MS-5The key features of Market Samurai are the various modules that can be added to the base software which comes with Rank Tracker as standard:




  • Rank Tracker Module is an important feature which helps track the search engine rankings of your web pages.

  • Keyword Research Module is very effective in enabling you to identify a niche and close in on the keywords that are most profitable. It will help you to analyze the overall traffic, competition and possible buying intentions surrounding the selected keywords.

  • SEO Competition Module enables you to understand the strength of your competition in any niche. This will give you a clear idea of where you stand and thus enable you to plan your SEO strategy accordingly.

  • The Domains Module enables you to track a high quality domain, that is rich in keywords, for your website. This plays a crucial role in how you rank in the major search engines. The traffic to your website and its earnings all depend on this.

  • The Monetization Module is important in that it helps marketers find the right products which are likely to bring them better earnings. You only need to enter the keyword and Market Samurai will provide you with a result of the right products. By dragging the product you’ve selected to a template, you can create a great ad.

  • The Find Content Module will help you in creating quality content to add to your website. You only need to enter a keyword after which market Market Samurai will bring you videos, articles, blog posts and other kinds of content from the Internet which could help you in researching for your content.

  • The Publish Content Module enables quick publishing of your article in your blog.

  • The Promotion Module will enable you to detect opportunities for driving backlinks to your website. This, as everyone knows, is the key element bringing traffic to your website which will also positively affect your Google rankings.

What Makes Market Samurai Great

MS-1This is a really efficient tool for SEO research. The kind of competition data it provides is simply comprehensive. It has come a long way from the keyword research tool it once was. The software is being updated continually. The trial version incorporating the main modules and also a 30-money back guarantee make it more attractive.


How Market Samurai Can Help You With Your Online Business 


Minor Niggles in Market Samurai

MS-4Market Samurai has been reported to be slow when dealing with large amounts of data, but that’s mainly on computers that are slower. It also scores low on helping users organize multiple projects simultaneously. Each project saved must be opened individually from the hard drive each time.



Market Samurai is available for $149 with the Rank Tracker module as standard. The rest of the modules can be added to the base package.

  • SEO Competition (worth $249 extra)

  • Monetization (worth $99 extra)

  • Publish Content (worth $99 extra)

  • Keyword Research (worth $176 extra)

  • Domains (worth $99 extra)

  • Find Content (worth $99 extra)

  • Promotion (worth $99 extra)


MS-2SEO PowerSuite is the more expensive option though it has better reporting capabilities. However if you are only dealing with two or three websites Market Samurai would be more than sufficient for you.


Our Choice

MS-3The idea behind the creation of Market Samurai is to help affiliate marketers, web designers and small business owners carry out online marketing and make their websites perform better. If you are a newbie in online marketing or come under any of these categories, Market Samurai will fit you well in terms of budget and user friendliness.


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