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Magic Submitter is something that has been quite the talk of SEO forums. In its official website it is said to be so good that it will help users totally dominate the online marketplace. The forums are full of discussions and doubt clearing by many members. If you want to have a clear idea of whether it is really as good as it claims to be, read on.

Magic Submitter – Simply Remarkable SEO Tool

magicsubmitter review

Magic Submitter is a software developed by programmer Alexandr Krulik. According to the creator it is a comprehensive content submission tool that can submit links, articles, blogs, press releases, videos, RSS feeds, etc. to more than 500 sites. It helps you attract tons of backlinks to your site. In other words, it makes SEO (search engine optimization) simple, automated and time saving. For just $67 per month it blends various capabilities of rival SEO content submission software products such as SENuke X, Unique Article Wizard and Traffic Geyser.

MS Snapshot

Now here is a list of functions Magic Submitter is supposed to offer:

  • Signing up multiple new email accounts
  • Spinning article content each time to ensure uniqueness of the submitted piece (like Unique Article Wizard does)
  • Uploading videos to major video websites (as Traffic Geyser does)
  • Placing content on more than 35 major article directories
  • Submitting images, video and text to WordPress directories
  • Posting to more than 27 microblogs and blogs
  • Creating profiles on more than 150 forums with links to your site
  • Submitting each new content page to 26 social bookmarking sites
  • Submitting RSS feeds and sites containing your links to RSS aggregators
  • Submitting to press release sites
  • Solving captcha codes
  • Adding your sites to Magic Submitter to help you post content to your own network
  • Collecting URLs of pages with published submitted content
  • Bookmarking those URLs and pinging them to RSS directories

So is Magic Submitter as good as it claims to be? Based on what users have tried and described on forums such as Warrior Forum, it really does. What they had to say was that Alex Krulik is very receptive to the needs of customers even after the product is off his hands. He makes sure that the users are finding it useful and have no trouble with it.

Some users reported in the forums that there were instances when Magic Submitter’s customer support team was not sharp enough to respond quickly. But in those situations Krulik himself would log on to the customer support system through tools such as Team Viewer. He would also appear on Skype to personally interact with customers. That is quite a significant advantage particularly for users who are not technically astute. Krulik is an active participant in forums himself through which he gauges user feedback about his product to improve it further.

Comprehensive, Powerful and Mind Blowingly Affordable


Magic Submitter is truly an all-in-one SEO tool which can help you save hours and hours of time. It offers link diversity while spinning the content in articles each time they are submitted, so that your methods appear white hat and legal. Submitting press releases is another unique feature not covered by many other software products.

But what’s really mind blowing is the price. In fact one could buy software for each of the features Magic Submitter offers and end up paying a fortune. The link manager is also quite a significantly advantageous tool in Magic Submitter. It helps build links to our links, based on an organized link URL list, to further improve indexing rates. Those pages can then be bookmarked and submitted to RSS aggregators.

Video Submission and Personalized Customer Care

So is everything rosy? Well, almost. Some users have reported that the video submission module does not work well with some video sites though there are mixed views on this. There is also a complaint that it takes some time setting up, particularly for someone not very familiar with SEO or not technically astute. However, the live training sessions and the comprehensive tutorials can help here.

Customer support has been reported by users to have some issues too, in that the team is not quick enough to respond. But, and that’s a BIG but, Krulik has personally taken care of that by interacting with the customers and, as mentioned before, is fully aware of user responses, thanks to his active involvement in the forums.


  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Performs multiple SEO tasks
  • Saves time
  • Relatively easy to use

How Magic Submitter Can Help You With Your Online Business


  • May take time setting up for non-technical minded users or those inexperienced in SEO though its live training and tutorial videos are certainly useful


There is no software as comprehensive in content submission as Magic Submitter except for SENuke X which is more powerful in some areas. Again, opinions vary based on what users have experienced firsthand. But SENuke X is pricier, and also by a significant margin. At $147 per month it is a lot more than Magic Submitter’s $67 per month. Plus, you also get a 60-day money back guarantee with the latter.

What We Say

Go for Magic Submitter if you basically have only a few sites to promote and you don’t wish to spend a fortune, not that it won’t work fine with multiple sites. Magic Submitter definitely offers more value for money.

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