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longtailpro reviewWhen you think of tools to facilitate effective Internet marketing there are many out there that promise much but only a few that actually rise above the rest and provide comprehensive solutions that can help you nearly dominate the market. Long Tail Pro, created by Spencer Haws, has the potential to be one such product.

Why You Need Long Tail Pro

LTP-1Keyword research is the be all and do all of SEO. Whether you are an Internet marketer or just looking to popularize your blog you know it is impossible to do that without knowing the keywords you need to optimize your website for. To know these keywords it requires a great deal of research into the field of business you’re dealing with and an insight into the functioning of your competition. You also need to have a clear idea regarding the competitive capability of the particular keywords and how users are likely to use these phrases to get what they’re looking for.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also get the data you need to create articles, which are important to market your blog or website? In other words, a tool that could help you comprehensively in all aspects of search engine optimization and online marketing would be more than appreciated. In fact, that is just what you need.

Comprehensive Keyword Research and SEO Solutions

Nothing is more important for SEO than keyword research. The success of your affiliate marketing or Internet marketing campaign lies in effective keyword research. Long Tail Pro is one tool that can make you king of keyword research. Long Tail Pro 3 contains the Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and Rank Checker module.

Keyword Research Module

LTP-2With Long Tail Pro’s keyword research module, you can enter many seed keywords. This is a feature unique to Long Tail Pro. From within Long Tail Pro you’ll be able to log into your Google account and generate close to 800 keywords for every seed keyword entered. You can also apply different filters to the generated keywords to get additional information about the keywords. This is another feature that is just not available with any other keyword research tool.

This can help you secure dates about an EMD availability and acquire valuable insight about title competition. Results can also be filtered based on global searches, local searches, keyword numbers, EMD availability and CPC. All these features can help massively in building AdSense sites. No other product could help you find these many keywords.

Competitor Analysis and Rank Checker Modules

LTP-3The competitor analysis module helps you analyze the competition effectively. This helps determine the keywords around which you could build your sites. Long Tail Pro offers a competition analysis module that can help you study the competition for any particular keyword. All you need to do is click on any of the keywords generated and Long Tail Pro will provide all the information you need on that keyword by studying the top ten Google search results for that keyword. The link information provided by Long Tail Pro comes from SEOmoz.

Rank Checker is the third module in Long Tail Pro which allows efficient tracking of your keyword rankings for a particular domain. The keyword research module is arguably the greatest strength of Long Tail Pro.

What Makes Long Tail Pro Platinum Different

LTP-4The key features of Long Tail Pro Platinum include saving kwds to a list of “Favorites,” calculating average keyword competitiveness on keywords results page, calculating keyword competitiveness in the Competitor Analysis screen, and checking availability of other data from SEOmoz such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Juice Page Links, etc. Some users do complain that Market Samurai has a better competitor analysis function than what Long Tail Pro offers. With the Platinum version though these features are improved.


LTP-5Long Tail Pro Platinum is available for a one-time payment of $97 plus $17 per month. The non-Platinum or standard Long Tail Pro version only requires the $97 initial payment. There is also a free trial version on offer which is available for 10 days.


LTP-6The capabilities of Long Tail Pro, with all the versions but particularly the Platinum version, have been proven to help Internet marketers generate leads and buyers quickly by channeling more quality traffic to their site, create more effectively targeted campaigns, identify the viability of particular marketing niche and thereby concentrate your efforts on profitable ones. These translate to greater efficiency thanks to better business decisions and no wastage of time and resources on niches and keywords that do not deliver.

How Long Tail Pro Can Help You With Your Online Business



LTP-7The ultimate features of Long Tail Pro come with the Platinum version, which is expensive particularly with respect to other competing and quality products such as Market Samurai which is available for a one-time payment of $149. Many users do feel that Long Tail Pro Platinum and Premium should have been introduced as natural updates to Long Tail Pro since the extra features that the Platinum feature offers such as saving favourite keywords, calculating keyword competitiveness and importing keyword lists by up to 10,000 simultaneously are some key elements that would aid keyword research and SEO.


LTP-8Market Samurai is one of the most recommended keyword research tools out there that can compete with Long Tail Pro. The only drawback with Market Samurai is that users have found it to be slow, quite unlike Long Tail Pro. Ultimately Long Tail Pro is more efficient.


What We Say

LTP-9The comprehensive solutions offered by Long Tail Pro can enable you to be more sure with the business decisions you make. You get an overall better picture of the market in which you’re operating and also greater capabilities to identify new niche products and markets to target.

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