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LeadPlayer is basically a YouTube player, co-founded by Clay Collins, that adds many functions to videos. When your YouTube videos are placed on your site it could make viewers spend more time there. You can experience your subscriber list grow faster. Call to action buttons can be added to your videos and you can extract the maximum potential of YouTube videos.

What Kind of Videos

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The kind of LeadPlayer videos that particularly bring about more results are:




  • Welcome video

  • Thank you video

  • Bonus video

  • Landing Page videos

  • Product videos

Opt-in Boxes

LP Graphics -02LeadPlayer offers easy opt-in boxes. Users, already attracted to a video you’ve posted, will be asked to opt in if they wish to continue to watch your videos. Opt-in boxes can also be set within your videos in around 15 seconds. You can select the option of whether to put your opt-in boxes at the beginning, middle or end of the video.

Calls to Action in Video

LP Graphics -03LeadPlayer can help add calls to action in your video. Buttons can be created which appear in the course of your video. The buttons are links that would direct your viewers to a sales letter, squeeze page or web page. There are many customization options provided for your links and button texts. It’s easy to implement these calls to action, which can be done in just around fifteen seconds.

There are great video analytics options provided with LeadPlayer which can help you access engagement statistics so you can know when you’re engaging visitors or losing them. You can calculate revenue and also carry out geolocation of your customers.

Player Customization

LP Graphics -04There are player customization options too. You can disable or enable the autostart feature, hide the timeline, or exert greater influence over the user experience. With LeadPlayer you can add a thumbnail to your video as well even if you may not be a YouTube partner. This features is particularly useful when you wish to put your videos inside a membership site. You would have a video image that you like instead on any image picked by YouTube.

Free Video Hosting

LP Graphics -05LeadPlayer also does not charge hosting fees for your videos. All the videos are hosted absolutely free on YouTube. No need to pay the bandwidth fees that would normally be associated with video hosting providers such as Vimeo, Wistia or Amazon S3.



Integrating with Other Software

LP Graphics -06Another big advantage is that LeadPlayer easily integrates with other software – which would be essential for your online business – such as AWeber, OfficeAutopilot, Infusionsoft, iContact, GetResponse, MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart, etc. It works will all kinds of mobile and computer platforms and operating systems and is compatible with WordPress too.


LP Graphics -07The LeadPlayer software costs $107, but Clay Collins and his team is offering the Unlimited License in limited numbers. This Unlimited License removes LeadPlayer branding from the videos and enables LeadPlayer to be used for any number of domains and client domains as well. This license comes for an additional $40, taking the overall price up to $147. But you’re provided with 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


LP Graphics -08LeadPlayer is extremely user-friendly and there can be no two ways about it. It is an opinion universally echoed by its users. Its call to action works perfectly well and delivers the results. Adding opt-in boxes and call to action buttons is fast and easy, something you can master in a snap. The fact that it integrates with other software is also a major asset.


How LeadPlayer Can Help You In Your Online Business


LP Graphics -09There aren’t any major disadvantages to talk about except that LeadPlayer does not integrate with WishList Member and Premium Web Cart.


LP Graphics -10There are many other video players out there but none that offer user-friendliness, efficiency, software integration and cost-effectiveness in equal measures as does LeadPlayer. VooPlayer, ViewBix and Easy Video Player 2.0 are the best of these alternatives under the above criteria. There are of course more expensive players such as Wistia and Easy Video Suite.

Our Verdict

LP Graphics -11You’ll absolutely love LeadPlayer. It’s ease of use, and the resultant leads you get from the added opt-in boxes and calls to action, will totally blow you away. It’s reasonably cost-effective and the Unlimited License makes it even better. Customer support is also reported to be top notch. Thanks to the 30-day moneyback guarantee you have nothing stopping you from taking the plunge, if you can call it so.

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