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iPhone Video Hero Review

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Iphone Video Hero Review

According to Cisco, videos are likely  to make up 90% of all consumer traffic in 2013. So it’s important that you get that part of your marketing right. iPhone Video Hero is one such tool that can that can help you utilize the amazing video creation and editing capabilities of the iPhone. Your iPhone 4S or 5 is a tour de force – it ain’t just a world of possibilities for your personal entertainment but it can seriously help you earn, it can serve your business needs. By buying iPhone Video Hero tool you can supposedly learn all this, and it has been created by Jules Watkins, former BBC TV and MTV director, who has to his credit many popular and primetime shows.


Systematic Tutorial and Great Plugins

IPHONE Review Graphics -01All the tutorials are step-by-step. Here are some of the things you can learn with iPhone Video Hero. You’ll learn a host of low cost solutions to ensure the right lighting which could give your videos the professionalism for making a sales pitch or hooking the audience. iPhone Video Hero also enables you to bring out the kind of quality from your iPhone videos which you could only expect from Pro-cam and such expensive video equipment. With this kind of support you can also shoot customer testimonials


Unlock The Vault Of Great Secrets

IPHONE Review Graphics -02The iMovie Mogul is a great option of iPhone Video Hero. It is an editing guide for the iMovie feature on your iPhone or iPad. You can also make a video ad in only a few minutes. You can create a video promo or directory listing with the help of the radar App. Watkins claims the video promos will be so good that there will be clients who will be willing to pay for a such a video.

With iPhone Video Hero you can even film yourself and see how you’re appearing on the video simultaneously, even if you may not have a flip-out screen. If you ever wish to film some object that is very small, iPhone Video Hero can help. You can promote physical products with video marketing using iPhone Video Hero.


Social Sharing, Clean Background Videos

IPHONE Review Graphics -03You can also get free quality music to download. This can be used for your videos, on your website or in YouTube. Another major advantage is that you’ll get to know the fastest means by you can make your videos a sensation in the social networks including YouTube and Facebook. The iPad Love feature will provide you with some really effective tips to shoot videos on your iPad.

iPhone Video Hero will also give you the lowdown on creating blog and sales videos that look clean with that Apple white background. You will also get insight on the various accessories you can add to your iPhone to capture clear audio. The insight you gather will help you to only buy accessories that matter.


PriceIPHONE Review Graphics -04

iPhone Video Hero comes with a one-time payment of $97. This plan now comes with three extra bonuses which Watkins claims to be worth $391. You are also offered a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


IPHONE Review Graphics -05iPhone Video Hero opens a world of opportunities in terms of precious hands-on tutorials and plugins which can really make you take great videos. Online marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and trainers have all experienced the benefits of this tool and vouch for its power and user-friendliness.


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IPHONE Review Graphics -06There isn’t any major disadvantage we can think of. If you’re serious about marketing your products and popularizing your ideas, you wouldn’t necessarily mind the price since this product makes you avoid buying other much more expensive equipment which would usually be required to take professional and monetizable videos.



IPHONE Review Graphics -07iPhone Video Hero is a one-of-a-kind product in terms of blending tutorials and plugins. The only other alternative would be the product manual that would come with your iPhone product or the official iPhone website. Plus there are numerous other iPhone tutorial sites out there, but none that would have the benefit of the experience of a major TV channel programme director such as Jules Watkins.


What We Say

IPHONE Review Graphics -08If you are an entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, blogger, trainer or any kind of person wanting others to see your demonstrations or products, and own an iPhone 4S or 5 which you should be, go and grab the iPhone Video Hero.

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