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infusionsoft reviewInfusionsoft is basically a comprehensive marketing and sales software tool aimed at small businesses that generally have around 25 employees or less. It basically includes three basic processes which it combines into a single, user-friendly web-based system – CRM (customer relationship management), e-commerce and marketing automation. This is designed for small enterprises to save costs and resources, improve sales and convert leads better.

Comprehensive and Powerful

IFS Graphics -01Infusionsoft is one comprehensive tool, in the sense that it eliminates the need for you to install any other software or platform. It has everything needed to successfully run an online business, though there is the opinion that it is tough or difficult to learn. But Infusionsoft does provide extensive training. It provides virtual and live training and a plethora of resources. It conducts training events and coaching sessions to not only teach pioneering marketers more about how to use the software, but also educate them on how they can use Infusionsoft to attain best marketing practices.

Automated Marketing

IFS Graphics -02Infusionsoft provides many features for facilitating automated marketing. It provides a feature for visually mapping out the marketing strategy. To transmit the right kind of message you can create triggers based on the demographics and other factors. Infusionsoft also offers free campaign templates in its library. Selected templates can be imported into your account.

Infusionsoft can help you design really attractive emails. With their 99% delivery rate and spam scoring integration, you can be pretty sure your email marketing messages reach your destination. With Infusionsoft you can make your marketing campaigns richer through voice broadcasts, direct mail and multimedia communication. Infusionsoft also enables you to monitor your website analytics, conversion rates and email blasts on a regular basis thanks to timely reports which you can view on your dashboard.

Closing Sales

IFS Graphics -03Infusionsoft enables you to monitor your prospects such as web activity, lead source, purchases, etc. which can help you generate targeted conversations to boost sales. It provides many tools to make your sales team more productive by automating follow-up and working through a list faster. You can also locate the best leads within your list through the scoring tool. You can rank and arrange contacts based on their engagement and interests. This can vitally help you spend more time on the leads that really matter and have the greatest potential to become your customers.

Securing the attention of customers

IFS Graphics -04Infusionsoft could make you quite visible online, in the social networking platforms and in all the places that are frequented by your prospective customers. Get a major presence on Facebook. Once you’ve created the presence, you can excite your fans and followers through giveaways and social contests. You can capture leads and monitor the results.

With Infusionsoft you only need to drag and drop for creating landing pages and publishing web forms. You can capture leads and increase your search engine rankings. The keyword fields and metadata can help you attract more visitors. Infusionsoft can also help you check how many unique visitors are heading to your site. You can also monitor what the individual visitors do, and track the lead source. All this data can of course give you the vital direction on where you should spend your marketing green.


IFS Graphics -05Infusionsoft is offered in three packages – the base package called the Standard which comes at $199 per month, the Plus package which is available for $299 per month, and the ultimate Premier package for $499 per month. A 30-day Kickstart Package is mandatory for new customers of any of the plans. This training package costs $1999 to be paid as a one-time fee.


IFS Graphics -06The comprehensiveness and sheer depth of the services offered by Infusionsoft are its greatest advantages. This is a very powerful platform. Its immense functionality makes it unnecessary for you to install any other software for efficiently running your online business. Having said that, Infusionsoft can easily integrate with other tools or software for creating paid membership sites.

How Infusionsoft Can Help You With Your Online Business


IFS Graphics -07One of the greatest drawbacks with Infusionsoft is its interface which is quite hard to learn. The training could help you to a certain extent though, but the training package fee costs a hefty $1999. Another issue reported is that the sales reports are less communicative.



IFS Graphics -08OfficeAutopilot is the first alternative to Infusionsoft that comes to mind. It is extremely user-friendly, though perhaps not as comprehensive as Infusionsoft. Costing $297 per month for the Pro and $597 for the high end Team version, pricing for OfficeAutopilot is more or less in the same league as Infusionsoft though you don’t have to purchase the premium-priced mandatory training package as is the case with the latter. Premium Web Cart is more competitively priced though it may not be able to boast the comprehensiveness of any of the above two tools.

Our Verdict

IFS Graphics -09We would recommend Infusionsoft if you want the best in online marketing and business management. But if you want something which you can master easily, OfficeAutopilot would be the better choice.




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