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HostGator Web Hosting Review

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hostgator review

HostGator is a leading web hosting service that is universally acknowledged to be fast, reliable, user-friendly and having many attractive features. It is acknowledged to be the leading shared web hosting provider as well as provider of reseller hosting, dedicated web hosting and VPS hosting services. Founded by current CEO and President Brent Oxley, HostGator now runs over 12,000 servers and hosts more than two million domains.

Unlimited Possibilities with HostGator

So how good is HostGator. Let’s start by mentioning its features. HostGator provides:

  • Unlimited Disk Space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Free SiteBuilder

  • Easy Control Panel (cPanel)

  • 1-Click Script Installs

  • 4,500 Free Website Templates

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Round-the-clock technical Support

  • $100 Google AdWords Coupon

H2The HostGator service can help users build a website in just a few mouse clicks. There is also a significant number of free templates to choose from (4,500 is by no means average). You can make your website really professional by just selecting any of these templates without hiring a web designer. There are also many training materials such as videos and articles available to guide you through the technical bits of creating your site.HostGator will also offer you assistance in bringing traffic to your website.It provides useful tutorials for aiding in SEO. It also offers a hundred-dollar Adsense coupon. That’s really advantageous for those who’ve just set up their website since Adsense is the largest pay-per-click advertising program. The coupon is a great opportunity to learn the ropes without risking any money loss.

HostGator – The Quick Website Creator

H4What makes HostGator really remarkable is that there are comprehensive web hosting schemes on offer. All the hosting plans of the website come with the free site builder, 4,500 free website templates, and SiteStudio tools for website building. The site builder lists all the steps involved in building a website and is extremely newbie-friendly. The plans also come with a 45-day cash back guarantee.

Another plus point with HostGator is the great customer support offered through live chat or telephone. Round-the-clock customer support is offered as well as 24-hour server monitoring. HostGator also provides ticket for tracking the progress of the solution to the problem. When users log in, all they need to do is enter the ticket number to know how far the problem has been rectified.  The endless domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth are the other advantages that make HostGator hard to resist.

Web Hosting to the Next Level Thanks to cPanel

H5HostGator’s web hosting plans for Linux, including VPS, unlimited, reseller and dedicated plans,  employ the cPanel control panel while the Plesk site hosting control panel hosts Windows web hosting including VPS, Windows and Windows dedicated hosting.The speed is really phenomenal. You can set up your site in a matter of minutes. Joomla users can migrate Joomla easily. QuickInstall can also be used for instantly setting up Joomla.The use of cPanel for the control panel is an advantage since the control panel scores high on functionality thanks to quite a significant number of applications that are available. cPanel is also great for managing databases. PHPMyAdmin and MySQL Databases are employed by cPanel to manage databases. However, many users consider cPanel to be complicated and not very user-friendly.

Advantages, and Disadvantages if Any

H6The advantages of HostGator are

  • efficiency thanks to the quick servers
  • affordability for almost any kind of users
  • user-friendliness
  • ease and speed in setting up the website and
  • reliability of the service.


How HostGator Can Help You With Your Online Business

As for the disadvantages – Well, there were hardly any we could think of until recently. But recently we’ve had some bitter experience with Hostgator’ reseller hosting, where their servers could not handle the load on our sites. But the Hostgator support was really helpful to fix the issues within a day or two. From what we have observed our issues occurred mostly for our sites with thousands of pages, auto generated, causing high load on their servers. So if you are only thinking about sites where you or your team manually uploads the content, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Rivals to the Crown

H7HostGator’s chief class rival is GoDaddy. This is also a popular website hosting service. It costs around the same as HostGator but a fraction more. It is user-friendly, and some users consider it more user-friendly than HostGator. Both promise more than 99% uptime. However, GoDaddy has occasionally fallen below the target thanks to their servers not being able to handle the burden. Such an issue has generally not been reported with HostGator.LiquidWeb is recommended by some users if you have heavy traffic to handle. But it is also more expensive and not so user-friendly.

Comprehensive Plans

H8HostGator’s web hosting plans start at $3.96 per month for the Hatchling Plan. The Baby Plan starts at $6.36 per month while the Business Plan begins at $10.36 per month. These rates are for their unlimited webhosting. They also offer reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. But for someone new to all of this and just wanted to get started with a website or online business, Hostgator’s unlimited web hosting is the route to take.


Our Choice

H9Based on what we’ve found out and shown you, there is no compelling reason why we wouldn’t choose HostGator if we were looking to set up a website quickly and in a truly hassle-free manner, unless we were intending to run a super heavy traffic website.


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