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CommentLuv Premium Review

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commentluv review

CommentLuv Premium is quite a popular WordPress plugin which will help comment socializing and make your posts viral. It contains great anti spam qualities and it helps in protecting you from human spam. It offers greater control and helps in adding Twitter names to the readers’  comments.

CommentLuv Premium is claimed to have been downloaded more than 500,000 times. There are many blogs which can provide you with state-of-the-art backlink features when you install CommentLuv Premium. A 30-day money back guarantee is also offered.


CommentLuv has been reported to encourage greater interaction and comments between readers. It facilitates greater social interaction which is obviously vital to popularizing your website and bringing greater traffic to it, all of which will contribute to increasing your search engine performance. CommentLuv can particularly work if your blog is converted to a Dofollow blog and KeywordLuv is also installed. What KeywordLuv does is offer readers commenting on your blog an opportunity to generate links specific to anchor text. CommentLuv then encourages more comments from readers.


CommentLuv facilitates the following social media capabilities from your readers:

  • Google+ shares – the ability for readers to “plus one” your post on Google

  • Facebook Like – the capability of your readers to like your post on Facebook

  • Retweet – the ability to retweet your post following which CommentLuv Premium can suggest users to follow you.

  • Register – readers can register on your blog for securing total access to your previous ten posts

  • Regulating number of comments – You can regulate the number of comments made by a reader on your blog

CL-IMAGE-3There are some other features in CommentLuv as well. One of these features includes Comment Redirect. This useful feature redirects a new reader to a page in your site that could lead to a sale or any call to action being performed. There are many other ways too by which you can strategize this tool.

CommentLuv Premium consists of a “ReplyMe” feature which will thank any reader who comments with an email message containing a link that takes them back to their site. G.A.S.P is a moderation feature for your incoming comments. All incoming comments can be monitored for spam.



The major advantages of CommentLuv Premium can be summed up in the following points:

  • Comprehensiveness – The host of features this plugin offers cover almost every aspect running a professional blog

  • Social Interactivity – Its social interactivity capabilities have the potential of making your blog, if it is good enough, an Internet sensation

  • Security – It has foolproof steps to tackle spam

  • Flexibility – The flexibility of the various tools its arsenal makes it easy for you to use it as you please


How CommentLuv Premium Can Help You With Your Online Business




There are hardly any disadvantages we can think of. It may be quite pricey for some bloggers, even the single site version. However CommentLuv Premium delivers bang for the buck, especially with the kind of engagement and activity this plugin can help create.


CL-IMAGE-4The Unlimited Version of CommentLuv is available for $97. The Multi Site and Single Site versions are available for $87 and $67 respectively. And yes these are one time fees.




There really are no worthy competitors for the CommentLuv Premium plugin. If at all there are other plugins, CommentLuv Premium integrates all their features and puts them in one basket. Twitterlink Comments, Comments Reloaded and Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin are tools you can use for your blog if you haven’t got the money for CommentLuv Premium, but none of these offer the latter’s security or comprehensiveness. Also the creator of CommentLuv is keen to constantly update the plugin with added features.


CL-IMAGE-5If you are running a professional blog, you absolutely need CommentLuv Premium. The security, flexibility and conversion options it provides through its massive social interaction capabilities can give your blog the performance you’ve been looking for. There can be no two ways about it.



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  • Petra Weiss says:

    I am just about to get CommentLuv Premium and am quite excited about it. It sounds like what you have to have as a serious blogger if you want to engage your readers and get the most social exposure out of your blog posts. Thank you for a great review!

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    • Dr.Spencer Jones says:

      Thank you Petra. Good to hear that you liked our review. Appreciate your decision to go with Commentluv premium.

      Definitely well worth the investment, fights spam as well as helps you get more comments and social interaction going. One worthy investment to build up an interactive community within your blog.

      If you don’t mind, please use our link to make your purchase.

      Dr.Spencer Jones

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