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An email autoresponder is a vital ingredient of email marketing. It sends pre-arranged email responses to designated email addresses. Most websites provide an option for people to sign up for an email newsletter or email updates. It is through these Newsletters and updates that these websites inform people about their products and services in a timely manner. These emails help the online businesses to motivate people, in a hassle-free manner, to buy what they have to offer. But as the mailing list grows, it is hard to manually send emails to all the subscribers. This is where Autoresponders come in, they help by taking care of the automated and sequential email delivery. They can send simple text or complex content email messages to the designated list of addresses efficiently. Here we are about to review one of the best autoresponder services around, AWeber.

AWeber is a paid auto email responder service that is reported to be highly effective for many businesses. Aweber has helped many online businesses setup auto response email marketing campaigns for customers, potential customers and subscribers who signs up on their mailing list. Free email auto responder services always have issues in handling the bulk of email deliveries. This is why businesses need to secure a paid service like Aweber.



 Flawless Email Delivery

For an automated email delivery or autoresponder system, efficiency is very important. Users have confirmed AWeber’s claim that it offers more than 99% delivery rates. Thanks to the relationship AWeber maintains with the ISPs. This ensures that emails are not blocked, and there are also anti-spam policies and measures in place.

 Simple and User-friendly

AWeber is very user-friendly, which is one of its strongest points. AWeber helps easily set up the auto response campaigns by providing step-by-step instructions. These instructions are not only for setting up the account but also for creating broadcast, follow-up emails and lists. Users have reported that it takes less than an hour to set up the account and input the data. The emails can also be scheduled.

 Setting Up Lists and Email Spam Filters

Unlimited lists can be set up without any additional costs, a feature unique to AWeber. There is a step by step Setup Wizard that guides users when they create new lists. When they fill in a field, there are tips that tell users what they need to enter. There are also videos that document each step. These can be very helpful for newbies.

The emails you send are not likely to find their way to the spam lists of your customers or subscribers. Before dispatching your emails, AWeber takes them through content filters to gauge their likelihood of being placed as spam and gives a score based on which you can edit your e-mail accordingly. AWeber also offers unlimited outgoing emails.

 Easy Opt-in Form Creation Wizard With Exhaustive Template Collection

For creating opt-in forms, AWeber features a wizard that provides many customization options. The interface is simple and point and click one. AWeber also provides a range of form templates. In fact there are over 150 templates offered by AWeber. So even if you have no CSS or HTML experience you can create forms that look attractive and professional. Whether you’re a pro or not, AWeber can meet your needs.

 Excellent Split Testing and Analytics Capabilities

AWeber also excels in split testing and its capabilities in email marketing analytics. It offers statistics for each web form that you create and it contains details such as the number of times the form is shown and the submissions received.

 Twitter and Facebook Integration

The autoresponder service supports social media integration with Facebook and Twitter. This helps massively improve your marketing efforts as well as the potential reach of your newsletter. The newsletter is published automatically online for subscribers to share it easily. It is a great way to build Twitter followings and email lists.

 Great Customer Service

AWeber customer service is top-notch and something only few other autoresponder services can match. Users have reported that AWeber’s customer service is round-the-clock and there’s always someone to help when you have questions. Live chat can help answer your questions 24/7. Phone and email support is offered from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 5 PM on weekends (Eastern Time).

How Aweber Can Help You With Your Online Business



 There are some minor disadvantages with AWeber though. It has been reported by users to not provide the option of merging lists without making the subscribers sign up again. One user reported that the subscriber-reporting panel doesn’t update quick enough, resulting in unsubscribed users being included.

 Interestingly, the GetResponse autoresponder website features a video about a dissatisfied customer of AWeber who found his emails not getting delivered as a result of which he lost significant business till GetResponse came to his rescue. However, most users have no complaints in this regard.



There is a unanimous view that AWeber is one of the best autoresponders available. It isn’t one of the cheapest for sure but that isn’t exactly considered a disadvantage when it offers mega reliability, efficiency, user-friendliness and customization. AWeber costs $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers. At this stage it could be one of the more expensive options when compared to autoresponder services such as GetResponse but AWeber actually gets more cost-effective when there are anywhere from around 500 to 5000 subscribers.

But if you want to check out for yourself how AWeber is, you can go for the $1 trial offer provided for the first month. The offer comes with a 30-day risk free guarantee with moneyback.


GetResponse is AWeber’s archrival in the autoresponder market. The general user consensus is that though GetResponse is cheaper, AWeber offers more features and is certainly worth the extra payment. The latter is also extremely newbie-friendly, but what primarily goes in its favour is its reputation, though GetResponse is nearly there as well.


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AWeber is the leader in autoresponders, but GetResponse is not far behind. If you’re looking for something really cost-effective you can go for GetResponse, but if efficiency and user-friendliness are your only considerations we suggest you check out AWeber. With the $1 first month trial offer you have nothing to lose.

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